2025 Alaska!

July 15, 2025 - July 26, 2025

Experience the splendor of Alaska with a captivating cruisetour. Picture yourself soaking in breathtaking vistas teeming with the Alaskan Big 5, embarking on thrilling whale watching expeditions, and immersing in the pure adventure of dog sledding.

But the heart of your journey will undeniably be the mesmerizing Glacier Bay – a wonder like no other, blissfully untouched by time.

Don't just dream it, live it! Join me to turn your Alaskan fantasy into a vivid reality. Your unforgettable cruising experience awaits - it's time to seize the moment, and discover the magic of Alaska!

The first part of your journey will be a land-based tour in Denali. Experience the allure of the wild like never before in Denali National Park and Preserve, home to Alaska’s Big 5- Bear, Moose, Wolf, Dall Sheep and Caribou. You’ll have great fun as you watch for these and other wildlife.

The park's mesmerizing vistas offer fantastic opportunities for hiking over variant terrains, where each step uncovers the area's unique biodiversity.

The real highlight is the awe-inspiring view of Mount Denali - North America's tallest peak - which steals the show with its snow-capped grandeur.

As day transforms into night, Denali beckons stargazers with a sky blanketed in stars, illuminating the park with an ethereal glow like no other. Experience this magical blend of adventure and tranquility at Denali National Park and Preserve.

alaska map one
Alaska map two

After spending an unforgettable time in Denali, we take about a 9-hour train ride to our port in Whittier. The train is equipped with an observation deck above and dining cars below. A naturalist will be joining us and will point out areas of interest and any wildlife along the way. And we still have 7 days cruising to enjoy even more awe-inspiring places.

Picture waking up to the foggy charms of Skagway, the former gold-rush town, enriched with indigenous knowledge and culture.

Spend a day in Juneau, Alaska's scenic capital, with thrilling opportunities for whale-watching and hiking on the Mendenhall glacier.

Walk through the dense, verdant forests in Ketchikan, world-renowned for its thriving community of totem poles.

On this incredible journey, you will witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Alaska's renowned landmarks, Glacier Bay and Hubbard Glacier. Gaze out at Glacier Bay's rugged landscapes, where breathtaking fjords give way to an expansive cerulean horizon and the air is crisp with pure unspoiled nature.

You'll also get a chance to marvel at the majesty of the advancing Hubbard Glacier, its spectacular blue ice shimmering in the sunlight. These are views that transcend expectations and offer unforgettable experiences that will remain etched in your memory.


Included in this cruise tour:

All transfers, including the train ride from Denali to Whittier.

All lodging, including nights in Denali.

4 ½ hour tour of Denali

All meals on board the ship, along with coffee, tea, ice tea, hot chocolate, milk and lemonade

National Park service on board the ship to point out areas of interest, provide commentary and more.

And your friendly travel agent


DAY 1 Arrive Anchorage Alaska 5PM
DAY 2 McKinley Wilderness Lodge 1PM
DAY 3 Denali 10AM
DAY 4 Denali
DAY 5 Train to Whittier 9AM - 7PM
DAY 6 Hubbard Glacier-Scenic cruising
DAY 7 Glacier Bay-Scenic cruising
DAY 8 Skagway, Alaska 7AM - 8:30PM
DAY 9 Juneau, Alaska 12AM - 4PM
DAY 10 Ketchikan, Alaska 10AM - 6PM
DAY 11 Sea Day
DAY 12 Vancouver, Canada 7AM

Per Person Pricing starts at:
(Based on double occupancy)

Interior $2699
Ocean View $3684
Balcony $4109

Port fees/taxes are an additional $306.96 per person


Deposit of $250 per person ($500 per stateroom) is due at time of booking.