Welcome to Trip Along Travel

Welcome to Trip Along Travel!

In the blog I will feature various different places each week and share special deals and pricing that are being offered.

While travel in 2020 to other countries probably won’t occur, you can plan for next year at discounted prices this year. Many tour companies are offering lovely options for changes should you need to re-schedule without penalty.

Domestic travel is very much on the table.

National and State park attendance is at an all time high.  Local destinations are enjoying a resurgence as the locals are discovering wonderful places in their own backyard.

In the coming days we will explore these destinations and more.

Something to keep in mind as we move forward into next year is a tour I am putting together for September of 2021. This is a 13 day tour of several Eastern European countries including cities such as Budapest, Bucharest and Sofia. Traveling through parts of the Carpathian Mountains and includes such interesting places such as Bran’s Castle, more widely known as Dracula’s Castle.

Where will YOU go? The World is waiting!

Bran’s  Castle

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