Wave Season 2024

Wave season is upon us! Are you ready?

What is wave season? This is one of the best times to book a cruise. Cruise lines are actively working on filling ships across the board and this is the time you’ll find some great offers. This is the cruise line industry ‘black Friday deals’.

While the ‘season’ typically is January to March, you don’t want to wait to book. Prime options, cabin locations and more will sell out quickly. Moreover, the earlier you book, the better the offering.

With so many choices, cruise lines, itineraries, it call be a bit daunting trying to find the perfect match.

This is where your travel advisor can really help you.

Looking for a winter get away cruise? The Caribbean offers a number of exciting itineraries.

What about Italy or Greece? Yes! These and so much more are available in the Mediterranean.

Perhaps you wish to see some Norwegian fjords or visit Iceland-Yep, those too.

From small ships to ocean liners, eco adventures to party time, wave season is some of the very best time to book.

Contact me today and we can talk about your cruise plans!

The World is waiting. Where will YOU go?

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